Oracle NetSuite solves tax challenges

in Argentina with LatamReady

The #1 Cloud ERP in the world, Oracle NetSuite, is not only capable of improving business management. It also works with the perfect native solutions to help them achieve full tax compliance in the most difficult countries in Latin America, easing their expansion.

As a leader system, NetSuite continues offering a high quality service although because of all the different tax regulations of each Latin American country, it may need a little help. That’s when our LatamReady App takes over the situation!

This native App
has built specific features within Oracle NetSuite to satisfy the needs of your company regarding each Latin American country’s requirements; even in the ones who have the most complex tax system. One of them is Argentina.

Are Argentinian taxes & withholding taxes a challenge?

Argentina definitely has a tax system that requires knowledge and experience.

This country have a great quantity of confusing tax concepts such as “retención de ganancias” which is an income tax, “retención de impuestos brutos” which is a local withholding tax or a “retención de IVA” which is a tax related to VAT (value-added tax).

And each one of them has their own configurations…

That means that they must be treated carefully in order to avoid paying big amounts of money in fines.

Maybe, while you are reading this, you feel that your plans to enter the Argentinean market have been ruined or that you’d prefer to take another course; however, we have good news.

At LatamReady we have experts in the Argentinian Tax System in order to manage this situation.

LatamReady is compatible with the Argentine Tax System

The knowledge and experience of the LatamReady team in the Latin America region has helped to develop the right tool within the LatamReady App: Latam Tax.

This tool, which works with the feature Tax Rules and Tax Calculations, will help companies to manage this withholding taxes efficiently and without errors inside NetSuite in all Latin American countries: Chile, Perú, Brazil and even Argentina.

Latam Tax allows the user to set specific configurations needed in a specific transaction. In this way all the difficulties found in this region are solved, making big corporations save time and money.

So… Yes! Argentina won’t be a problem anymore! The LatamReady App, its features and its tools will consider all the local regulations needed to make commercial transactions easier and efficient. In this way you will be able to unlock all the potential of this country for your company.

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LatamReady for Tax Compliance in Latin America

An innovative Built-for-NetSuite solution!
The LatamReady App extends the power of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP to enable international corporations to achieve full tax compliance in Latin America.