How LatamReady Boosts NetSuite International rollouts in Latin America?

LatamReady the Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider for the Latin American region.
Power up NetSuite with the LatamReady App to achieve full tax compliance in Latin America.

LatamReady is an innovative Built-for-NetSuite solution and is the official Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP implementation Partner for the whole Latin America region.

We know all about NetSuite and the Latin American markets, including having the strongest partnerships with local players.

That's why the LatamReady App boosts NetSuite to operate in any Latin American country, keeping your company always up to date every day of the year.

What makes us special?

Solve all your tax compliance challenges in Latin America with the LatamReady app within NetSuite.

A single solution

No more multiple solutions! LatamReady is the one and only point of contact you need to resolve your Tax Compliance challenges in Latin America. 

LatamReady has an excellent customer support

Customer Support

You will receive full support for all your subsidiaries, updates on the LatamReady App as well as dedicated technical and accounting support from our experienced staff.

With the LatamReady App you will never have to worry about future regulatory changes.

Local Experts

Strong partnerships to local players, therefore companies using the LatamReady App never have to worry about future regulatory changes.

the LatamReady App has unlimited updates

Unlimited Updates

Tax regulations in Latin America are constantly changing and evolving. With our App, companies never have to worry about the latest legal requirements.

LatamReady Build for NetSuite solution LatamReady App Tax Compliance Latin America

The LatamReady App natively supports: 

  • E-Invoicing for all sizes 
  • E-Payments 
  • Taxes and Withholding Taxes 
  • Legal Ledgers 
  • Legal Exchange Rate Update 
  • Custom Integrations 
  • Many more features! 

Average Project Timeline

LatamReady Average Project Timeline NetSuite Latin America

 The standard implementation time for LatamReady App is 8 weeks for Go-Live in 1 country. During the first few weeks of the engagement, all parties work together to finalize the project schedule in order to meet the targeted go-live dates. After the Go-Live, the LatamReady team will monitor the use of LatamReady App during the 1st month and the issuance of legal reports at the close of the 1st month. It’s important to note that LatamReady App implementation only starts once standard NetSuite user acceptance testing (UATs) is performed. For example, the Order-to-Cash process has to be defined and tested to then complement it with localizations for each country. 

 We will be your single point of contact for: 

Legal Updates LatamRaedy Oracle NetSuite Latin America

Legal Updates

Our subscription includes unlimited legal updates with 2 major annual releases and 12 additional monthly releases throughout the year.

Electronic Invoicing e-invoicing solved LatamRaedy Oracle NetSuite Latin America


LatamReady subcontracts local certified e-Invoicing providers. You can choose how to issue them: 

  • 1-by-1 — Generate and send one invoice at a time
  • Bulk — Generate and send up to 250 invoices at a time
  • Unlimited — Generate and send thousands of E-invoices as needed
Client support spañish Español Portuguese English LatamRaedy Oracle NetSuite Latin America


All tax compliance questions/issues/updates are part of our Support Service:

  • In English for HQs
  • In Spanish from Lima, Perú
  • In Portuguese from São Paulo, Brazil

LatamTools help accelerate your project

LatamReady Initial Data Cleansing Oracle NetSuite Latin America

LatamReady Initial Data Cleansing

Cleans initial data, including local tax compliance fields, before CSV files are imported during the implementation project. 

LatamReady Configuration Scanner Oracle NetSuite Latin America

LatamReady Configuration Scanner

Reviews if NetSuite and LatamReady App configurations are correct, or if they need to be reviewed or corrected. 

LatamReady Data Quality Scanner Oracle NetSuite Latin America

LatamReady Data Quality Scanner

Reviews if your daily data is compliant with local tax rules.

Is LatamReady App Implemented in Isolation?

No! The LatamReady App is implemented as part of a global NetSuite template, which means LatamReady’s professional services activities are delivered alongside your company’s broader NetSuite implementation project.

Activities including testing, training and cutover are delivered as a coordinated activity, so that the users see one ‘end-to-end’ solution and are not separately working with the localization features in isolation.

LatamReady App is a ready-to-go bundle of features available to any NetSuite customer. During implementation, LatamReady is in charge of complementing and aligning the global NetSuite template with local legal requirements.

Solve Tax compliance challenges in any Latin American country with the LatamReady App within NetSuite

LatamReady App Implementation

During the implementation, LatamReady will be responsible for configuring all of the These features for your company:

  • Integration between LatamReady and certified E-invoicing providers or any complimentary certified vendors (local provider for tax calculation in Brazil certified by LatamReady)
  • Country-specific Tax Compliance configuration
  • Country-specific Tax Compliance training 
  • Country-specific Tax Compliance forms and fields
  • Country-specific Local PDF and Tax Compliance documents
  • Country-specific Tax Compliance legal reports 
  • Country-specific Tax configuration and upload of tax code in NetSuite
  • Country-specific Multi-book Tax Compliance and use cases.
  • Country-specific Bank payment template for LATAM countries.

LatamRaedy App Upgrades

Oracle NetSuite-certified versions of the LatamReady App are rolled out twice a year. Each new version must be certified by Oracle NetSuite according to the rules of the Built-for-NetSuite program

As a native App, LatamReady release dates are aligned with Oracle NetSuite’s own release dates.

In addition, we roll out monthly updates to the LatamReady App on the 25th of each month. These 12 versions of our App include new legal updates, features and improvements for all countries that are operating under the LatamReady umbrella.

All LatamReady App customers operate with the same updated version of our tax compliance solution, so you never have to worry about falling behind the latest legal requirements in Latin America!

Solve Tax compliance challenges in any Latin American country with the LatamReady App within NetSuite
LatamReady Oracle NetSuite Brazil Mexico Chile Colombia Peru Argentina

What is Built for NetSuite?

As a certified Built-for-NetSuite App, our solution works within NetSuite, follows NetSuite development standards, and utilizes the same user interface. The LatamReady App is updated monthly with the latest changes to local tax regulations and is certified twice a year by Oracle NetSuite. 

The LatamReady App is a 5-star experience. Solve any tax compliance challenges in all Latin America


Online NetSuite Training

LatamDojo is the only e-Learning platform for NetSuite developed for the Latin American space:

  • LatamDojo e-Learning is available 24x7
  • Supported in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Includes over 1,000+ training courses
  • Updated together with our App

More questions?

You may find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions

A 5-star experience!


Read what big international corporations have to say about the LatamReady App and how we improved their internal processes within Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP.

The LatamReady App is a 5-star experience. Solve any tax compliance challenges in all Latin America
The LatamReady App is a 5-star experience. Solve any tax compliance challenges in all Latin America
The LatamReady App is a 5-star experience. Solve any tax compliance challenges in all Latin America
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