In an ideal world Multinational, Multi-Latin organizations would run their global operations on a single ERP.

That's not the case for many.



Here is how NetSuite from LatamReady fits in to help manage and get full control of your Multi-Latin subsidiaries.


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When Does Two Tier ERP make sense?

Most organizations have already invested heavily in their existing on-premise ERP systems, both in terms of infrastructure as well as time. 

However, the emergence and success of cloud-based ERP has made apparent the benefits of the cloud in terms of costs, agility, and flexibility. 

So, how do organizations take advantage of the benefits that the cloud has to offer while keeping their existing systems in place?

The answer is what is known in the industry as a two-tier ERP approach. The reality about businesses, no matter what their size, is they are always changing. 


They are entering new markets, launching new products, entering joint ventures, and going through M&As. I think all of these changes are opportunities to adopt a cloud-based ERP strategy and marry it with core ERP systems.

Want to get your Latin subsidiaries on NetSuite?

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